Os Eurosambas 1992-1998

February 13th, 2009
Os Eurosambas  1992-1998

There has been a bit of a fuss round the brazilian music blogs lately that has even reached the mainstream press. This concerns some very early recordings of João Gilberto from 1958 turning up online and are generally considered to be the birth of Bossa Nova. The recordings were taken off-line but have now appeared as a torrent so I guess now it’s a free for all.

This reminded me of a little known album that I have always loved by The Gilbertos (no relation) called Os Eurosambas 1992-1998. This was released by the indie label Midsummer madness from Rio and has long been a long lost classic of Lo-fi Bossa Nova as far as I’m concerned. The Gilbertos is basically Thomas Pappon, a member of the 80s post-punk group Fellini, who were featured on Man Recordings first release “Não Wave – Brazilian Post Punk 1982-1988”, and his wife Karla. The album is a collection of home recordings, apparently recorded in Cologne, with sparingly used samples and lyrics sung in English, French and Portuguese. The songs vary from cute to  lovely to quite mad, an example being the 2nd track, Esguicho, which is delicate bossa type tune with almost random 303 over the top and some screaming at the end, it’s my favourite track from the album and is one I always put on mixtapes for friends. The last I heard Thomas was living in London and working for the BBC.

The label has made a fair amount of the Gilbertos discography available for download here (go to the sidebar)

and you can find Os Eurosambas here

here are 2 tasters:




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