Old School Baile Funk mix

March 2nd, 2009
Old School Baile Funk mix

Haaksman is in Rio….again. He claims its for “label” business, but everytime I skype with him, he’s in a rush because he HAS to go to the beach.

Well, I wish I was in Rio too, and so does Joyce Muniz. Which is why we decided to do a mix of some of the records that we picked up from Rio when we were there last Summer. Most of the tunes in the mix are from vinyl, from the days when they still pressed up Baile Funk onto wax. Some real classics in this mix, from now defunct labels such as Pipos, Balanco, Spacelab and Explocao.

Download it here


Dj Marlboro – Marlboro Medley

Cidinho e Doca -Rap da Felicidade
Dj Tubarao – Montagem Balancar
Dj Marcelinho –  Montagem Now Stop
Dj Betinho – Montagem Alegria
Dj Mamut – Cangura
MC Batata- Feira da Acari
Amazing Clay – Montagem Spock
Dj Mamut – Montagem Cowboy
Dj Fabinho – Montagem Jack Matador
MC Batata – Melo Do Bebado

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  1. Tuco Says:

    Excellent mix, would be really dope if you could post up pics of the records themselves… Im a geek like that :)

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